Here are 3 great ways to begin to get the most out of your Premium Membership and make life-long connections with other Savories:

  • Find a Member - At the top of the Savor site, hover over Cafe, then choose Find a Member. This powerful tool can help you locate local Savor members, women in specific industries, or complementary businesses to your own.
  • Apply for Circles - Our Savor Circles program offers weekly accountability and support by matching you with 3 like-minded Savor women. Get the deets here.
  • Post a Discussion - You now have access to the VIP Premium Members cafe. Use this wonderful forum to get feedback and support, find vendors, business partners, clients, and more. *Be sure to TAG when you post for maximum visibility and exposure* Don’t know who to tag? Start with me, then your Savor connections, then use #1 above to find more ladies!

We're here to help you get the utmost value from your Savor membership. If we can be of any further assistance don’t hesitate to contact our Director, Jennifer Dawn at